"... we are always harking back to some occasion which seemed to us to reach perfection, setting that up as a norm, and depreciating all other occasions by comparison. But these other occasions, I now suspect, are often full of their own new blessing, if only we would lay ourselves open to it. " (C. S. Lewis)

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Vermont Day 3: J. K. Adams

After a wonderful day at the Dorset Quarry, we packed everybody up to do some shopping in Manchester, VT, but I made a little stop on the way.

The J.K. Adams Store is located between Dorset and Manchester on Hwy. 30.

J.K. Adams has been specializing in handmade wooden products from North American hardwoods since 1944.

They believe in their products so much that they offer a 100% guarantee for replacement.  

I promised myself I would not leave Vermont without a cutting board with this symbol,

and here's the one I brought home. 

It made a beautiful tray as we celebrated the fourth of July with friends back home! (It was a great time to share the Vermont cheeses and maple syrup we brought home, as well as the homemade granola I made with the ginger honey I bought at the West River Farmers Market in Londonderry.) 

I love that people are still using the time-honored methods of creating hand-made wooden products for the kitchen.

This beautiful cherry cutting board was our gift to each other for our 30th wedding anniversary this summer. 

It will stay on our counter for years to come, and I'll never forget our time in the beautiful Dorset, Vermont area!

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